Monday, December 04, 2006

Europe VI: Switzerland

Switzerland had gorgeous countryside. So green! I still think Austria beats it for beauty, but the addition of the Alps adds a lot to Switzerland's appeal.

Our first stop was in Lucerne for some shopping and sight seeing. It was a beautiful city with a fast moving river and a cool covered bridge. The picture below is taken from the bridge, newly repaired after a devastating fire.

Below is a monument to the Swiss Guard. If you don't know anything about them, you should look it up - it's fascinating. This monument commemorates the more than 700 Swiss guard who died while defending King Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette during the French Revolution. The Swiss Guard were betrayed by the French who failed to inform them that the royal family had already fled the building. You'll notice the proud lion is stabbed in the back by a spear, and lies on a broken shield decorated with the Frence fleur-de-lis.


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