Monday, December 11, 2006

Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

After leaving Lucerne we travelled to the base of the Alps and stayed in a town called Lauterbrunnen. Coming in to town we were delayed by slow moving cows. :)

We stayed at a campground, which has little cabins and a big chalet. We all stayed in the chalet. Chris and I got a giggle out of staying at a "Swiss Chalet" but apparently the restaurant chain is only in Canada, so no one else understood our amusement. :)

There were waterfalls everywhere. The one behind our campsite was really pretty. We were able to climb up and follow a path that leads right behind the waterfall and look down on the valley.
This gorgeous little bridge was how we got to the dining hall. It was just amazing scenery here... lush valleys with huge mountains on either side, and the Alps in the background. The bridge crossed a very cold and fast moving river.


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