Monday, December 11, 2006

Jungfrau II

Here's me enjoying a piece of Daniel's Toblerone bar. I can't imagine a better treat for the top of the Alps! The temperature was officially -4.5 celsius, but it varied depending on where on the mountain we were. I'm actually sitting in an observation post called the Sphinx, which is 3571m high. From here we could see France, Germany, and Italy.

Below is the view down from the Sphinx to the glacier below. This glacier got stuck here during the last ice age, and has been here ever since. Those little specks are people walking the path. We were nearing the end of the tourist season, but usually there are a number of activities, from skiing to husky rides to tobogganing.

Below is me and Daniel talking on the path on the glacier. At the very top of the closest peak behind us is the Sphinx, where the previous photo was taken from. Very high!

It was incredibly hot on the plain. We were totally sheltered from any wind, and the sun was reflecting from every direction. We were warned of sunburns, but no one listened. :) And hey, now we can say we got sunburned while in the Alps!

One of my favourite photos:

Just as the chip bags exploded on the way up, my water bottle (last sealed on top of the mountain) imploded on the way down!


Blogger Keith Dury said...

I'm glad you got to see some of the world!

What an amazing trip!

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